Public Guided Field Trips

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But, where do you find the ones to take home?

Join the Mining Supplies and Rock Shop on a monthly field trip to places around the High Desert in search of beautiful rocks and minerals to grace your display case!
Justin Zzyzx is our field trip leader. He has lead various groups around the Southern California area in search of rocks and minerals – you can see his work on, and Justin will make sure that you find something on every field trip!

Would YOU like to join us on a field trip?

Contact the Mining Supplies and Rock Shop to purchase a 6 month pass to our monthly field trip series. Sign up at the store, online or at the meet up spot for the collecting trip. $40 for a 6 month pass at the shop, $50 for a 6 month pass online or at the meet up spot.

All field trips are typically HIGH clearance passenger car accessible, contain moderate hikes, suitable for most all ages.
When you purchase your collecting pass, you will get a monthly email that talks about the location we are going to, meeting places, tools and everything else you need to know!  
Contact to purchase your tickets!

Justin Zzyzx at the Desert Sunrise Claim


Rancho Palos Verdes Barite and Dolomite
Barite and Dolomite
Rancho Palos Verdes, on the shore of the Pacific Ocean, ANY clearance passenger car accessible.
June Saturday 24th at 10am

Escape the heat of the high desert and come with us to the beach! We will start out at a public park that allows rock collecting and get our fill of the abundant dolomite and quartz that is to be found, then make our way to the nearby beach to find Barite crystals!

Rancho Palos Verdes
Rancho Palos Verdes


Wrightwood Actinolite Collecting
Actinolite, Jade-like Actinolite, Rhodonite, Chlorates
Wrightwood, off paved roadsides, along highway 138/2 in the mountains, ANY clearance passenger car accessible.
July Sunday 23rd at 10am

Wrightwood is a famous locality for deep green Actinolite crystals! We will be able to find abundant specimens just picking through the rocks in the area. The actinolite crystals from this location look like kind of like green Kyanite crystals, at least, that’s what I’ve always thought. Actinolite has a fiberous variety, Byssolite, that we do not find at this location. The fiberous variety has a VERY limited use in the production of the product, Asbestos. These rocks found in Wrightwood are certifiably not going to give you lung cancer, I promise! These areas are suitable for ALL cars, it is just parking off the side of the road and in parking lots and not much walking.

Actinolite and Snow in Wrightwood California
Wrightwood Actinolite


Quartz Crystals and UV minerals in Big Bear
Quartz Crystals, UV Minerals
Popular tourist town for the summer, expect traffic. high clearance passenger car accessible, 4×4 suggested and car-pooling welcomed.
Sunday, August 20th at 2pm

August is a BEAUTIFUL time to visit the Lake Big Bear area. We are going to find small but beautiful quartz crystals and then as it starts to get darker, visit a UV mineral location and find some interesting Black Light Rocks!


Quartz Crystals from Granite Pegmatites in Lucerne Valley
Quartz Crystals, feldspar
Lucerne Valley, just 20+ miles from Hesperia, high clearance passenger car accessible.
Sunday, September 24th at 10am

September will find us in the granite outcrops near Lucerne Valley, in search for quartz crystals, feldspar crystals and MORE!

Smoky Quartz Crystal found in Lucerne Valley
Lucerne Valley Quartz


Ruby Collecting in Cascade Canyon, Mt. Baldy
Corundum Var. Ruby, Epidote, Dravite
Park off paved road, ANY clearance passenger car accessible.
Park off paved road.

October 8th at 10am

Cascade Canyon is a beautiful notch into the foothill mountains, just south of Mount Baldy, just north of Upland. Full of trees and shrubs, poison oak, snakes, ticks and whatnot, it is also home to beautiful small crystals of red corundum, or Ruby, as it is known, all locked into the host rock. We park on the side of the road, hike 15 minutes, cross a river, hike another 10 minutes through a small trail, then we collect from the loose rocks at a wide rockpile. Beautiful shaded collecting experience, then you hike back!

Walking to the Ruby Deposit in Cascade Canyon
Cascade Canyon


Pistachio Grove tour and Agate Collecting in the North Cady Mountains
Agate, Jasper, Calcite, Quartz
Meet in Newberry Springs, go to North Cady mountains an hour from meeting spot. 4×4 to collecting spot, high clearance passenger car accessible to different location.
November 4th, 9am

Visit the home of the tour guide at Casa Zzyzx and go on the pistachio harvest tour, learn about pistachios and eat a few fresh nuts right off the tree! Then, we all car-pool into 4×4 vehicles, leave behind any passenger cars, and drive to Baxter Wash and up into the Top Notch Agate claim, a location with a whole world of agate possibilities to explore! Great stuff awaits in every direction, as float and in-situ, requiring some hammer-time!

Colorful agate from the North Cady Mountains
Cady Mountain Collecting
4×4 Only!


Pisgah Crater and Jasper/Agate fields around/Lavic Sidling
Agate, Jasper and Chalcedony Roses
Halfway between Ludlow and Newberry Springs, high clearance passenger car accessible.
December 2nd at 11am

Pisgah Crater is a beautiful example of a young volcano erruption. We are going to visit it, explore around the rim, collect some minerals there, maybe some chunks of pumice (it makes GREAT yard rock!) and visit the lava tubes! Then we will visit a great location for chalcedony, mossy red and green agate, and then make our way over to Lavic Sidling and find some big chunks of red jasper!

Red Jasper from Lavic Sidling
Red Jasper from Lavic Sidling


Lead Mountain, Barite, Quartz, Calcite and More just outside Barstow
AJasper, Barite Xtls, Quartz Xtls, Calcite, Micro Minerals, Borate Minerals
A few miles outside Barstow, high clearance passenger car accessible.
January 7th at 10am

Lead Mountain is immediately outside of Barstow and has tons of great crystallized barite specimens to be had. In addition you can find great manganese included brown/black calcite rhombs, micro crystals of hemimorphite and romacherite, bits of hematite and the massive material from there cuts into such fascinating slabs, you’ll be remiss if you do not take advantage of this interesting and ample material! On the north side of Lead Mountain there is a borate deposit, so we will depart from the barite mine and drive to that side and collect there. We will then visit a nearby Cinnabar location for massive red cinnabar for your collection.


Afton Canyon Fluorite and Agates
Agate, Jasper and Fluorite
Afton Canyon, two locations, both 10 miles down a suitable dirt road for any high clearance passenger car.
February 18th at 10am

Afton Canyon has a great fluorite deposit that you could spend hours collecting at. We will spend a couple hours here, then drive around to the other side of Afton Canyon. There is the CLASSIC Afton Canyon hike to the collecting area which few find. So come with us on this 1.5 mile round trip walk into a giant canyon and find a few interesting things to chop up at home. We never find a LOT of material, just everything we find is pretty cool.