Public Guided Field Trips

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But, where do you find the ones to take home?

Join the Mining Supplies and Rock Shop on a monthly field trip to places around the High Desert in search of beautiful rocks and minerals to grace your display case!
Justin Zzyzx is our field trip leader. He has lead various groups around the Southern California area in search of rocks and minerals – you can see his work on, and Justin will make sure that you find something on every field trip!

Would YOU like to join us on a field trip?

Contact the Mining Supplies and Rock Shop to purchase a 6 month pass to our monthly field trip series. Sign up at the store, online or at the meet up spot for the collecting trip. $40 for a 6 month pass at the shop, $50 for a 6 month pass online or at the meet up spot.

All field trips are typically passenger car accessible, are moderate hikes, suitable for most all ages.
When you purchase your collecting pass, you will get a monthly email that talks about the location we are going to, meeting places, tools and everything else you need to know!  
Contact to purchase your tickets!

Justin Zzyzx at the Desert Sunrise Claim


Princess Pat Mine UV Hunt in Adelanto
UV Minerals – Scheelite
Adelanto – West of Hesperia
February Sunday 26th at 3pm

As the winter is upon us, come with us to Adelanto and scope out this former tungsten mine while we wait for dusk and then, break out your UV lamps and search for all sorts of fantastic UV reactive minerals! Bright blue/white tungsten ore is what we are looking for, and pinks and orange calcite add to the UV mix!

Princess Pat Mine
Princess Pat Mine


Hollywood Zeolites
Prehnite, Calcite, Natrolite and more!
Canyon Drive, Hollywood, Los Angeles
March Saturday 11th at noon

Meet us in Hollywood for a tour of a couple locations in this mineral wonderland. Yes, Hollywood is built on ancient volcanic rock, rock that has pockets of crystals! Analcime, Calcite, Prehnite, Natrolite and more will be available for collecting!

View of Hollywood Sign
View of Hollywood Sign


Parker/Lake Havasu BBC Mine/Planet Mine
Hematite, Malachite, Chrysocolla, Barite
Parker/Lake Havasu
April Sunday 23rd at 9am

Though this location is three hours away, it makes a perfect weekend trip, come on Saturday and join us for a Sunday of collecting beautiful Hematite crystals at the BBC mine and abundant Malachite and copper minerals at the Planet Mine. We will be collecting on Saturday, if you plan to be there on Saturday, we will give you a map that shows nearby locations for beautiful cutting rough, or join us at the BBC mine a day early!

Lake Havasu - London Bridge
Lake Havasu – London Bridge


The mines of the North Calico Mountains
Nickel Quartz, Wollastonite, Garnet and More
Calico Mountains, 15 miles NorthEast of Barstow
May Saturday 6th at 10am

Massive Grossular Garnet, Wollastonite, Nickle Quartz, Arsenic ore, Malchite and gold mines, so much to explore, we will take you to FOUR locations with various minerals and you’ll find out about the mineral deposits near Coyote Dry Lake!

Calico Bottle House
Calico Bottle House


Rancho Palos Verdes Barite and Dolomite
Barite and Dolomite
Rancho Palos Verdes, on the shore of the Pacific Ocean
June Saturday 24th at 10am

Escape the heat of the high desert and come with us to the beach! We will start out at a public park that allows rock collecting and get our fill of the abundant dolomite and quartz that is to be found, then make our way to the nearby beach to find Barite crystals!

Rancho Palos Verdes
Rancho Palos Verdes