Public Guided Field Trips

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Field Trips  – All Ages are Welcome!

Sign up by calling 760.244.9642

The fee for each field trip is $20.00 per person if paying at our shop or by phone those paying at the gathering site will be charged $25.00 each. Everyone paying in advance will receive an email explaining where the gathering site is, what time to meet, what we will be finding, what to bring, approximate times, etc. You are welcome to join up with others at the site who may have 4 wheel drive.
Sunday, January 7th at 10 a.m.  – Barstow Lead Mountain, Barite, Quartz, Calcite and Jasper, Barite Xtls, Quartz Xtls, Calcite, Micro Minerals, Borate Minerals A few miles outside of Barstow, high Clearance passenger car accessible. Lead Mountain is immediately outside of Barstow and has tons of great crystallized barite specimens to be had. In addition you can find great manganese included brown/black calcite rhombs, micro crystals of hemimorphite and romacherite, bits of hematite and the massive material from there cuts into such fascinating slabs, you’ll be remiss if you do not take advantage of this interesting and ample material! On the north side of Lead Mountain there is a borate deposit, so we will depart from the barite mine and drive to that side and collect there. We will then visit a nearby Cinnabar location for massive red cinnabar for your collection.
Sunday, February 18th at 10 a.m. –  Afton Canyon Fluorite, Agate, Jasper
Afton Canyon two locations, both 10 miles down a suitable dirt road for any high clearance passenger car. Afton Canyon has a great Fluorite deposit that you could spend hours collecting at. We will spend a couple of hours here, then drive around the other side of Afton Canyon. There is the CLASSIC Afton Canyon hike to the collecting area few can find. We never find a LOT of material just everything we find is pretty cool.
Sunday, March 18th – South Cady Mountains – Come and  explore the Southern Cady Mountains ending the day in Ludlow (where there is a Dairy Queen). We will be stopping at many of the popular rock hounding sites in this part of the desert.  We will be hunting for jaspers and agates. If enough people are interested there will be a side trip towards the end of the day to Hill 2 area. This part of the will require a high clearance 4 wheel drive vehicle.
Saturday, April 21st – Top Notch Claim, North Cady Mountains – This is a location that never fails to please. There are collecting areas for fluorite, many colors of agate, Sagenite, nodules and so much more. This is an advanced 4 wheel drive out to the site. All vehicles going must be high clearance 4 wheel or all-wheel drive. Every vehicle needs to have a full size spare (or two). Everyone should bring extra water and make sure to fill your gas tank before you leave Barstow.  Those who want to go and do not have 4 wheel drive many try to team up with people who do at our gathering site.
Sunday, May 20th Kramer Junction – We will be exploring the area around Kramer Junction. We will be looking for moss agate, petrified wood, petrified palm and onyx. All roads should be OK for any high clearance vehicle, however 4 wheel drive may be recommended based on how much sand has blown onto the roads.
Saturday, June 16th Jackhammer Pass area (just North of Barstow) This area has a lot of small locations that are not far from each other. We will be looking for jasper, agate nodules, seam agate, minerals and onyx. All the roads should be OK for any high clearance vehicles. Vehicles that are 2 wheel drive, however may have to park a little further from the collecting areas.
Sunday, July 22nd Mule Canyon – We will hit three or four sites in the Mule Canyon area. We will e looking for petrified palm wood, agates, and jaspers. The roads should be open to all high clearance vehicles.